What is it?

Hubbard Public Library's MakerSpace

Before equipment can be used in the MakerSpace, an agreement form must be filled out. This form will be provided during an introductory class for the MakerSpace. This class is referred to as "User Agreement" on our online calendar of events.  Registration is limited and is online only. 

Some equipment will require 1 class before it can be reserved for use in order to go over care and proper use of the equipment.  This equipment includes: 

* 3D Printers will require a class on how to load/change filament, adjust/configure print plane level, and general use of the 3d printers.  This instruction is included in the "User Agreement" class.

* Lego Mindstorm will require a class on basic programming. This is included in the "Lego Mindstorm Introduction" class.  

* More advanced classes are being developed.

*Due to the nature of the equipment, no bags or containers will be allowed in the MakerSpace . Please be advised that the interior and entrance of the MakerSpace is under video surveillance.*

After you have completed the "User Agreement" class, you may checkout/reserve the equipment by scheduling an appointment. Please note: you must receive a confirmation for your reservation to be valid.

Simply emailing your requested time does not mean you will have access. 

Please note:  We are in the process of adding additional programs, classes and a more flexible availability. Thank you for your continued patience. 

The virtual reality setup is now available to the public for use. It is located on the second floor in the teen room. Instructions for use are posted on the setup.