Unattended Minors Policy

Date Approved: 8/13/09
By: Board 
Unattended Minor Policy
The Hubbard Public Library welcomes and encourages patrons of all ages to visit the library and take advantage of the programs, services, and resources which it offers.
Responsibility for the safety and behavior of minors in the library always rests with the parent, guardian, or assigned adult caregiver, and not with library personnel. The library reserves the right to determine when a minor must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or assigned adult caregiver.
Minors who are disruptive in the Library or on Library grounds interfere with Library service to all patrons. The Public Library is not a childcare provider but a public institution where all patrons have an equal right to quality library services in a safe and relaxed environment.
The Library Director is authorized to implement procedures and guidelines consistent with this policy. These procedures and guidelines will be administered by designated staff and Library Security, if available.
General Guidelines
A staff member should not hesitate to call on library security (if available) or to ask another staff person to be present when confronting a disruptive minor. The Hubbard Police Department may also be called.
1. Unattended minors who violate the posted Library Code of Conduct will be given a verbal warning and a printed copy of the Code. Patron will be asked to sign the following receipt:
Last Name, First Name (please print)
I have received a copy of the Hubbard Public Library Code of Conduct and understand that inappropriate behavior will result in a phone call to my parent or guardian.
__________________________________             __________________
Name                                                                        Date
Parent or Guardian Name and Phone number
2. The second violation of the Code of Conduct will be documented on the Incident Report Form which will be turned in to the Library Director who will notify the parents.
3. The third offense will also be documented on an Incident Report Form and turned in to the Library Director. A meeting with the parent(s) or guardian of the minor will be scheduled and must take place before the individual may return to the library unattended. 
4. Any further violation of the Library Code of Conduct will result in a letter from the Library Director or Board of Trustees requiring that the offender must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or assigned adult caregiver in order to enter the library premises.