Android Tablet Lending FAQ's

Android Tablet Lending Program

The tablet lending program is a free service that allows cardholders to check out an Android tablet device and connect to the internet from almost anywhere!

A tablet is a portable mobile computing device with a touchscreen, which allows you to browse the Internet, do work, or play games via installed apps. Our tablets are 5G connected, so you can use them almost anywhere you are, like at home, on the bus, or in the park. The tablet device works in any area covered by the T-Mobile 5G LTE network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I check out a tablet kit?

  • Tablet kits are currently available for checkout herecheck availability


Can I place a hold on a tablet device?

  • No, but you can register to be next on our self-serve site. Follow this link to see when the next available below

check availability

How long can I borrow a tablet kit?

You can borrow a tablet kit for 2 weeks (14 days). Tablet devices may not be renewed.

What is required to check out a tablet?

  • The borrower must have an adult library card in good standing.
  • The borrower is limited to checking out one (1) tablet device at a time.
  • There is no paper waiting list but, you can sign up on the site when it is available again here.  

Where/how can I use a tablet?

Our tablets connect to nearby cellular towers, just like a smartphone does. Signal strength will vary based on the physical location of your tablet. If you have your Wi-Fi connection, the tablets can also use that for their Internet connection.

Troubleshooting connection issues:

  • Move the device to a different location. For example, try setting it by a window or taking it to a different side of the house, so it can more easily connect with a T-Mobile cell tower.
  • Restart the tablet.
  • If using Wi-Fi, check to make sure that you have properly entered your wireless network’s password on the tablet. This can be done in the Wi-Fi settings menu on your device.

What comes in a tablet kit?

  • 1 case
  • 1 tablet device
  • Bluetooth Keyboard
  • 1 micro USB cable and 1 USB C cable
  • 1 wall chargers

Where should I return a tablet kit?

Please return your tablet kit to either the Technology Administrator, Teen Librarian, or the Information Desk.

What if I return a tablet kit late or lose it?

Customers are responsible for costs associated with loss or damage of the tablets and/or cords, adapters, cases, etc. The tablet will be disabled if it is not returned on the due date. Overdue fees will be charged.

If individual parts of the kit are lost or damaged, the following replacement costs will be the responsibility of the borrower:

  • Tablet device replacement fee: $269
  • Bluetooth Keyboard/case replacement: $10
  • Charger cord replacement: $10 (USB C)
  • USB charger replacement: $10
  • Kit case replacement: $18

If the entire tablet kit is lost or damaged, please contact the location where you checked it out immediately. The total kit replacement fee is $317.

Can I use the tablet device outside the U.S.?

No, the tablet device only functions in the United States and where a T-Mobile signal is available. Visit to see where T-Mobile coverage is available.

What if I need help with the tablet?

If you need help with a tablet, please call the library at 330-534-3512 Ext 2 and set up an appt with a Librarian.