Part-time Facilities & Maintenance Associate

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Part-time Facilities & Maintenance Associate

Hubbard Public Library    

436 West Liberty Street | Hubbard, Ohio | 44425

 330-534-3512 | 


Do you take pride in the visibility of a job well done?  Hubbard Public Library seeks an energetic, collaborative  Facilities and Maintenance Associate to join our team. This is a flexible 20 hour a week position providing maintenance and repairs of library grounds, building, and equipment, delivering customer service, appearance, and safety for patrons, staff, and community. 

Hourly Rate: $15.40 

Submit resume and 3 references to: 

Lorena Hegedus, Director

 436 West Liberty St.

 Hubbard, OH  44425

 Email: Position open until filled.


Job Description

Reports to:  Library Director Part Time – 20 hours per week.  

Regular duties plus on call for emergencies and special assignments. Work may include evening and/or weekend hours.

 Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

• Continuously inspects the building and grounds, reporting to the Library Director any needed major or minor repairs.

  • Completes quarterly external building inspection reports in March, June, September, and December annually. 

• Maintains neat appearance of building and grounds, keeping library grounds and outdoor trash containers free of trash and debris.

 • On call for minor repairs, power outages, miscellaneous maintenance, emergencies, furniture and equipment assembly and / or moving.  

• Spot cleans floors, carpets, and walls as needed. 

 • Makes visual checks on all HVAC units (inside and outside the building), reporting problems to Library Director. Oversees scheduled HVAC maintenance. 

• Keeps auditorium exit hallway clean. 

 • Cleans lint from hand dryers in restrooms annually. 

• Unlocks the building and monitors contractors when the library is closed, being sure that the building is locked and secure when they leave.

 • Cleans windows three times per year – March, June, September.

 • Keeps sidewalks (library walks and sidewalk in front of library) shoveled during winter. Maintains supply of ice melter. 

• Unlocks the auditorium for before and after-hours programs.  Checks the room and locks up. 

• Sets up meeting room as requested for programs.

 • Responsible for lawn mowing and maintenance. Maintains all equipment in good working condition.

 • Spring and fall cleanup, pruning, trimming, weeding, and mulching of landscaping. Landscape maintenance (includes mini-park and courtyard) – pull weeds, trim shrubs, water plants. 

• Maintains indoor and outdoor lighting. Replaces bulbs and ballasts as necessary and maintains supply of replacement bulbs and ballasts by requisitioning supplies as needed.

 • Adjust timing for outside lighting as necessary. Checks function of emergency lighting twice a year (at time change).

 • Replaces flag as necessary. In the event the local VFW no longer manages the flag, the Maintenance Associate will raise and lower the flag according to state and federal declarations.  

 • Delivers newspapers, magazines and cardboard to recycling center.  Delivers hazardous materials to recycling center at least once per year.

 • Updates all library clocks and changes batteries at each time change.

 • Performs panic button response test annually and changes batteries in each device. 

 • Keeps rain gutters free of debris, cleaning twice each year, spring and fall. Keeps roof and gutters free of debris - checking roof for damage or debris after storms or high winds. • Pours water in sewers once per month.

 • Installs and removes speed bumps in library entrance drive: remove in late fall for snow plowing, reinstall in spring. 

• Communicates with Hubbard School band during football season to tape off grass for no parking and set up cones for band truck parking.

 • Maintains sensory garden waterfall. 

• Performs other miscellaneous duties as assigned by the Library Director.


 Effort Required:

 • Stamina for physical work such as moving furniture and equipment, lifting work materials, operating lawn mower and snow blower, climbing stairs and ladders, etc. • Should be able to lift and carry a 50-pound load.

 • Flexibility for bending, lifting, and reaching.

 • Must be able to work some hours when the building is not open to the public.

 • Should be able to travel to respond to emergency calls and to obtain needed repair parts. 


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