October 2018

October/November 2018 Lives transform at your library The Hubbard Public Libraryprovides free and easyaccess to information, ideas, books, and technologies that enrich, educate, and empower the individuals of our diverse community. Visit our Website Did you know... Lucille Ba ll’s adv ice on ageing: The secret of st ay ing y oung is t o liv e honest ly , ea t slowly , and lie abou t y our age. Phy llis Diller ’s best adv ice: Sav e y our money . A lber t Einst ein ’s adv ice on life: There are on ly two way s t o liv e y our life. One is as t hough not h ing is a m iracle. The ot her is as t hough ev ery t h ing is a m iracle. Taken from Friendly advice by Jon Winokur