Let's Get E-Healthy

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Are there any aspects of your health that you would like to improve on (activity, sleep, water intake, better nutrition)? Hubbard Public Library will have a bundle of E-Health tech tools for you to try out and give your feedback on for the next two weeks. Stop in Monday through Friday between the hours of 9-3 and come up to the reference area. This is go on from February 1st - February 15th. You can't miss it. Molly, our very own Technology Administrator will be giving the demos on each item you have interest in. 

A list of items we wil have on hand include but are not limited to discuss are as follows:

•Kardia: Mobile EKG
•CliniCloud: Thermometer and Stethoscope
•Qardio: Blood Pressure Monitor
•Lumo Lift Posture Coach: “You Slouch, It Vibrates”
•Vitastiq 2: Check Your Vitamin Health
•Awair: Monitor the Quality of Your Air at Home
•Ozmo Cup: Water Hydration and Coffee Enjoyment
•Memo Box: Smart Pill Box 
•Temp Traq: Continuous Temperature Monitoring

We will also have pictures of wearable trackers, rings, and earbuds.  There are tons of free apps that we will tell you about, so come one in and bring your pens and paper. you won't want to forget any of this.

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