Children's Summer Reading

Children ages 2—12 may participate.

Read books or have someone read to you.

Please choose books from the Hubbard Public Library.

Read as many books as you like throughout the summer.

You are encouraged to make reading a daily habit.

Visit the library during the hours listed below and bring one book you have read or are currently reading to talk about with us.  You may then participate in our activities.

Be sure to visit the library during program hours to participate in the weekly activities listed below.          


              Mondays 11:00—7:00  

              Tuesdays 11:00—4:00 

              Wednesdays 9:00—4:00 


WEEK ONE  JUNE 3, 4, 5  Moon Man Spaceship

WEEK TWO  JUNE 10, 11, 12  Moon Art

WEEK THREE JUNE 17, 18, 19  Moon Mysteries

WEEK FOUR JUNE 24, 25, 26 “Cow-tapult”

WEEK FIVE  JULY 1, 2, 3  Straw Rocket

WEEK SIX JULY 8, 9, 10  Moon Phase Wall Hanging

*EVENTS (Please note ages, group sizes are limited.) 

Download the flyer below