AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Program


AARP Tax-Aide counselors are volunteers who are trained each year on state and federal tax regulations, and are certified by the IRS to provide free tax preparation services. From Feb. 1 through April 18, these volunteers can be found at community centers, libraries, and a variety of public locations across Maine helping Mainers file their state and federal tax returns. 

Although this program is sponsored by AARP and has a particular focus on preparing taxes for those ages 60 and older, you do not have to be an AARP member or any particular age to use the service.

Want to get your taxes done by the AARP Tax-Aide Program? While many of the Tax-Aide sites do allow for walk-ins, it is best to make an appointment ahead of time. Some locations also offer volunteers who can come to the homes of those who are housebound. There are more than 80 Tax-Aide sites in Maine. Find a location near you. 

Tax-payers are asked to bring the following records to the site: 
photo identification
Social Security card (and cards for any dependents)
a copy of last year’s return
all tax-related forms received, such as W-2s from each employer, 1099Rs for pension or annuities, Social Security 1099, or other 1099 for interest or dividends
unemployment compensation statements
state income tax refund statement
documentation relating to any tax adjustments or credits you may be entitled to such as tuition statements, child and dependent care expenses, real estate taxes, car excise tax, mortgage interest, charitable donations, home energy efficiency item purchases, and year-end statements from investment accounts

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