Tylee Park
Enhancement Committee (TYPEC)
                 220 West Liberty Street P.O. Box 307
                                 Hubbard, Ohio 44425


     Chair :
Gene Noufer

     Vice-Chair :
Nancy Praznik

     Treasurer :
    Violet Sandru

Programs and Activities

     The sale of Pathway Signature plaques and trees.  The funds are used for park upkeep and planting of annuals, perennials and minor shrubbery.


     Tylee Park was named after Samuel and Anna Tylee, who in 1801 founded, and became the first setters of Hubbard.  The park's location, at the Main/Liberty square, is appropriate since it was originally known as Tylee's Corners in 1801.

     Tylee Park was established on the site of the razed Palace Theatre in 1989 by former Mayor Albert Sauline and the Revitalization Action Committee of Hubbard (REACH).

     In 1991, REACH made the first signature plaques available as a way to raise funds for the upkeep and beautification of the park.  After the park was officially set up, REACH disbanded, leaving only a few individuals to do all of the work at the park.

     The Tylee Enhancement Committee (TYPEC) was formed as a means to once again make the signature plaques available.

     In the spring of 1997 the Hubbard Chamber of Commerce presented a new gazebo to Tylee Park.  This presentation sparked new interest in Tylee Park and during the summer some concerned community members got together to clean up the park's garden and to plant new flowers.  Due to those community members and their concerns, TYPEC was established.