Roosevelt School
Parent Association (R.S.P.A.)
            110 Orchard Avenue Hubbard, Ohio 44425
                                      (330) 534-2144


    Jayme Donahue
     (330) 534-7430

     Vice President:
    Pam Hall
     (330) 534-8901

     Asst. Vice President:
Chrissy Ellis
     (330) 534-9462

Paula Franko
    (330) 534-1231

    Jennifer Gasser
    (330) 534-0557


     During the school year (September - May), R.S.P.A. meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month, alternating 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Programs and Activities

Family Night
The R.S.P.A. sponsors numerous family nights throughout the year.  There will be bowling parties at Bellwick Bowl, skating parties at Olympic Roller World, and swimming parties at our own Hubbard Community Pool.

Fall Fundraiser
The orders have been checked and rechecked and are now on their way to Moyer Marketing for processing.  The profits from this fundraiser enables R.S.P.A. to continue serving the children and their many projects throughout the school year.  Since 1984, the Roosevelt School Parent Association has purchased and spent over $208,000.00 towards technology, equipment, school renovations, musical and theatre productions, and other necessities for Roosevelt Elementary School.  This feat could not have been achieved if it were not for the generous people of Hubbard.

Book Fair
R.S.P.A. hosts two Book Fairs per school year.  The first, held during Open House is a "Buy One Get One Free" book sale.  The second, held during February is a week long sale that allows the children to browse and shop for books that interest them.  Our school's library and classrooms receive hundreds of books for the children's use as a result of these events.

Sparkle Register Tapes
We have began collecting the green register tapes from Sparkle Market.  Last year our students turned in over $510,000.00 worth of register tapes.  At the end of the school year Rob Patton issued the R.S.P.A. a check for over $5,100.00  If there are any parents interested in helping calculate tapes this year please contact the committee chairman.  This is a great committee for working moms because it can be done at home.

Campbell's Soup
This project allows us to update and replace much needed audiovisual equipment.  Last year, with the points we were awarded, our school received headsets, several educational videos, magnifying glasses, and play ground balls for each grade to use during recess.