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Historical Society


To collect and preserve and exhibit buildings, books, records, documents, artifacts or specimens of interest relating to the history of the City of Hubbard or Hubbard Township.

Cecilia Cooper
Vice President:
Thess Hickey
Robert Gibson
Joan Gibson
Statutary Agent:
Jim Thompson
Ralph Cooper
Nancy Praznik
Dolly Hardin
Donald Hardin
Bill Mitchell
Mary Jane Harbison
Past Presidents:
1984-1988                Barbara Schultz
1989                       Cecilia Cooper
1990                       Dolly Hardin
1991                       Stella Maikranz
1992                       Donald Hardin
1993                      Joanne Cutter
1994                      Angie Lewis
1995-1997              Ralph Cooper
1998                      Barbara Schultz
1999                      Nancy Praznik
2000-2001            James Thompson
2002                     Emanuel Mageros
2003-2004             Barbara Emch
2005                    Ronald Wright
2006-2007            Theresa Trucksis Hickey
Mary Jane Harbison

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Open 2pm - 5pm

Hubbard Historical House

2nd Sunday of Every Month

Call: Cecilia Cooper at 330-534-4247

Or email

Ralph Cooper



General Meetings at First Presbyterian Church at 7:30 p.m. on the 2nd Thursday of the Months of January, March, May, July, September, November.

Board Meetings are the 2nd Thursday of the Months of  February, April, June, August, October, December.


Programs - 2009

January 8  Speaker:  William Mitchell
"History of the First Presbyterian Church"

March 12 Speaker :  JP Marsh 
"Restorations in the Hubbard area" 

May 14   Speaker:  Elizabeth Cole Clark
"Presidential First Lady Lou Henry Hoover"

July 9 Annual picnic, Officers
Harding Park Pavilion #3  6 p m

September 10 - Guided tour Arms Family
Museum of the MVHS  7:30

November 12   Annual Banquet
Frankies Main Street Cafe   6 pm

Entertainment Hubbard High School Choir


CALLING:  Rita Campana and Marge Delbane


Cat's Meows Lucille Wilson
Tea at McBride House To be announced


The Historical Society was founded in 1984 with Barbara Schultz as the first president.   By-laws were set up and articles of incorporation were established in 1989 during the presidency of Cecilia Cooper.  The goal of the Society is to collect & preserve books, records, documents, artifacts and specimens of interest relating to the history of Hubbard and Hubbard Township.  Efforts to locate a building for this purpose were fulfilled when Rite-Aid donated the McBride House on Hager Street to the Historical Society in September 1997.  We are presently undertaking the renovation of the property.

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