Fact: The first street car ran in 1901 and is reported to have overturned at the sharp curve on North Main Street in front of the building that use to be Mattinat's Cleaners. It also removed sections of their porch several other times during its service. In 1915 the round trip fare to Youngstown was 20 cents


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Fact:  The Hubbard Volunteer Fire Department was Organized in 1875. The first fire recorded was the roof of the Cramer Building, and the new fire company extinguished it with only slight damage to the building.






Hubbard Fire Department's 1885 Pumper

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Fact:  The first jail in Hubbard was constructed in 1870 in back of the site of the present jail, which was built in 1923. The first jail was made of 2" x 4" 's nailed on top of each other, and the sides were covered with tin which looked like brick. There was two small cells, and a small office in the original building.


Hotel2.jpg (18832 bytes)Fact:  Here are some riding horses and fancy rigs which used to pull up in front of the old Pew House, famous
Hubbard hotel, at what now is the southeast corner of
Liberty and Main Sts. A familiar sight for years was the
depot hack which was driven by "Daddy" McQuistan.
The small boy on the pony at right is "Jimmie" Hamman
and the man on the horse in the rear center is Jim
Hamman, the boy’s father. George Phillips, wearing a
derby hat and white shirt, is standing in front of the hack.
Phillips later became manager of the Fort Henry Club in
West Virginia.

Store1.jpg (22452 bytes)Fact:  Here is  an excellent photograph of the original G. M. McKelvey Co. store in Hubbard. The picture was submitted by Mrs. William Emery of 31 W. Chalmer Ave. to the Vindicator’s Old Photos Contest several years ago. It was awarded the $5 first prize.




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Fact: Mrs. Tillie Williamson was Hubbard’s First Policewoman
Mrs. Tillie Williamson,  Hubbard’s fire and police telephone operator, was the Village’s first policewoman. The Village Council approved the appointment of Mrs. Williamson. Her name was submitted to council by Former Mayor Joseph J. Baldine who told Council members "without Mrs. Williamson’s help, Hubbard would have been handicapped throughout these years." Former Mayor Baldine told council members "all Hubbard should express thanks and appreciation for the wonderful work Mrs. Williamson has done." After Council approved the appointment, Former Mayor Baldine pinned a gold badge on Mrs. Williamson, and the first policewoman in the history of Hubbard smilingly said, "Thanks, members of Council."

Tillie Williamson and Former Mayor Baldine

Moviestar.jpg (16789 bytes)Fact: Hubbard had a citizen who became a movie star.
Her name is Mary Ellen Kay She played the role of heroine
in the westren thriller "Wells Fargo Gunmaster."






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