The Historical Society was founded in 1984 with Barbara Schultz as the first president.   By-laws were set up and articles of incorporation were established in 1989 during the presidency of Cecilia Cooper.  The goal of the Society is to collect & preserve books, records, documents, artifacts and specimens of interest relating to the history of Hubbard and Hubbard Township.  Efforts to locate a building for this purpose were fulfilled when Rite-Aid donated the  McBride House on Hager Street to the Historical Society in September 1997.  We are presently undertaking the renovation of the property.

History of the McBride House-compiled by Barbara Emch on February 22, 2014

The lot on which the McBride House now stands was originally owned by Samuel Tylee, first settler of Hubbard. The lot was then known as Lot No. 56. After Samuel Tylee's death in 1845, Lot No. 56 was deeded in 1848 to his daughter, Eliza Hager, who had married George Hager. In 1874 Lot No. 56 was divided into smaller lots and Lot No. 9, which was south of the Presbyterian Church, is the lot on which the McBride House was eventually built.

On February 15, 1879 George and Eliza Hager sold Lot No. 9 to Lorenzo Clingan for $200.00. At this time there was no house on the lot. The house was built in 1883 according to tax records and in 1887 Lorenzo and Alice Clingan sold the property to Delilah Blackburn for $1,000.00. She in tirn sold it to John McBride and his wife Amelia, of Grove City, Pa. for $2.200.00 in 1909. John and Amelia were the parents of two sons and tow daughters. They were Charles Gilmore, Fred, Margaret B., and Anna. Charles Gilmore McBride married Florence Ethel Lockwood of Zelienople, Pa. on January 20, 1909. Both were graduates of Grove City College. Ethel had a music degree and belonged to the Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.). The certificate is displayed in the McBride House. Charles G. McBride had a jewelry and watch repair business at 34 N. Main St. in Hubbard. It was called C.G. McBride, Jeweler.

John and Amelia McBride sold Lot No. 9 to Charles G. McBride and his wife, Ethel. for "One Dollar & Love and affection ($1.00)" in 1912, Lot No. 9 was known as Hubbard Village Lot No. 1263. Charles G. McBride and Ethel were the parents of two Children, Charles Lockwood and Margaret Eleanor.

Charles Lockwood was born on August 18, 1910. He graduated from Hubbard High School and was known as "Lockwood." Charles married Dorothy DeBloom and they had one child, Patti Jane McBride Ritenour. Charles had a Bachelor of Arts degree from Grove City College and also attended Ohio State Law School. He was in the grocery business on North Main St. and also had a service station. Charles ran for state representative in the early 1950's and in 1951 he ran for mayor on the Republican ticket against Joe Baldine and lost. From 1953 until 1983 he lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he opened the McBride Grocery Store. In 1983 he returned to Hubbard and lived with his sister, Margaret, at 27 Hager St. until his death on September 25, 1986.

Margaret was born on November 19, 1917. She graduated fro Hubbard High School in 1935 and while in high school she played the trumpet and had the nickname of "Minor." The trumpet is displayed at the McBride House as well as a black fur coat and white muff that belonged to Margaret as a small child. She also had a pony as a child and there is a picture of Margaret and her pony in the McBride family scrapbook displayed in the house.  She attended Youngstown College and was a member of Gamma Sigma Sorority. In 1951, Margaret's father, Charles G. McBride, died and on October 2, 1951 Lot No. 1263 was transferred to her mother, Florence Ethel McBride, Margaret and her brother, Charles L.

Margaret married Albert McCullough at the Chapel of Friendly Bells in Youngstown, Ohio. Albert was in the service at the time of their marriage and they had no children.

On October 10, 1972 Ethel McBride sold the property  (Lot 1263) to Margaret through a Quit Claim Deed for $1.00. On November 21, 1977, Florence Ethel McBride died and on August 15, 1955 Margaret E. McBride McCullough died.  Agnes Mae Hanley was the executor of the estate and she sold the property to Rite Aid in 1996. They in turn, donated the house to the Hubbard Historical Society in September of 1997, less a small portion of the original lot on the south side which went to the neighbors, George and Jennifer Kober.

The house is now known as the McBride House and is the home of the Hubbard Historical Society.