Barbara Schultz 1984-198
Cecilia Cooper 1989
Dolly Hardin 1990
Stella Maikranz 1991
Donald Hardin 1992
Joanne Cutter 1993
Angie Lewis 1994
Ralph Cooper 1995-1997
Barbara Schultz 1998
Nancy Praznik 1999
James Thompson 2000-2001
Emanuel Mageros 2002
Barbara Emch
Ronald Wright
Theresa Trucksis Hickey
Mary Jane Harbison
Cecilia Cooper 2009
None 2010
Jackie Orlando 2011
Don Hardin 2012
Bob Gibson 2013
Emanuel Mageros 2014
Laurie Darko 2015
Mary Ann Lark 2016


Preservation is defined as the act or process of applying measures to sustain the existing form, integrity and material of a building or structure, and the existing form and vegetation cover of a site.  It may include initial stabilization work, where necessary, as well as on going maintenance of historic building materials.

Restoration is defined a the act or process of accurately recovering the form and details of a property and it's setting as it appeared at the particular period of time by means of removal of later work by the replacement of missing earlier work.

Rehabilitation is defined as keeping the basic character an structure intact, while repairing any deterioration and bringing it to a state of utility.